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How to Create Account, Create Profile Info. and Login

Topics Covered

1. How to Create an Account
2. How to Create your Profile Information
3. How to Login


How to Create an Account
1. Visit the site
2. Click Subscription under Member on the menu.


3. Click the button New Member Click Here.


4. Please enter all the required information.
4.1. Enter your email, preferred username, and password.
4.2. Check the checkbox, which means you agreed on the Terms and Conditions of InterNACHI Quebec AIIICQ.
4.3. Click the SUBMIT button to register.


5. After you successfully registered, you will be redirected to YOUR PROFILE INFORMATION page, and you will receive an email of your InterNACHI access.


How to Create your Profile Information
1. After successfully created your account, as mentioned you will automatically be redirected to your Profile Page.
2. In your Profile Page, enter your information in the boxes.


3. Scroll Down, on the bottom-right side, click the Save Changes button to save all your Information.


4. After you saved the necessary information, you can now logout. On the left side menu of your profile, click the Sign Out button.


How to Login
1. On the Menu, click Profile, under Member Menu


2. On the Login Page, enter your username and password.


3. Once you successfully log in, you will be redirected to the Profile Information page. You can update your Profile Information anytime.