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How to Upload Profile and Banner Image

1. On the Menu, click Profile, under Member Menu


2. On the Login Page, enter your username and password.


3. Once you successfully logged in, you will be redirected to the Profile Information page. You can update your Profile Information anytime.


4. On the right side, you can see your profile picture and banner picture. To upload your new Profile Picture and Banner Image, click the CHANGE button.


5. Click the Upload Files tab then click the Select Files button, please refer to the image below:


6.You will be redirected to your computer local file, please select the images you want to use as your profile and banner image. Click the OPEN button to upload the images from local to the site.


7. The images you uploaded are now in your InterNachi library, please select one(1) image as your PROFILE IMAGE then click the button.


8. Same with the Banner/background image, select one(1) image then click the button.


9. In your profile, you will see the changes. Now save your profile by scrolling down.


10. When you see the SAVE CHANGES button, click it and the changes you made are now saved.