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COVID-19 Guide / Procédures applicables à partir du 14 mai, 2022

As of the 14 mai 2022 the Quebec Government has relaxed certain Covid related restrictions. Consequently we have updated our association’s Covid protocol. Attached you will find the new version. As always, we are counting on your full cooperation to ensure that the protocol requirements are respected.

Communiqué de presse

InterNACHI-Québec (AIIICQ) et L’Association des Inspecteurs en Bâtiments du Québec (AIBQ)
se positionnent face à l’encadrement de l’inspection de bâtiment.

Who Are We

InterNACHI Quebec AIIICQ is part of the largest association
of real estate inspectors in Canada (1,500 inspectors) and the world (18,150) inspectors.
In Quebec, we are officially recognized by the OACIQ and our association has about 256 members.
To be a member of our association, inspector candidates must follow a college training in building inspection, pass an admission exam and obtain the passing mark (80%), complete at least 10 accompaniments with a mentor inspector. Thereafter, all members must take training during the year and accumulate 21 CEUs (continuing education units). Finally, all our members must have errors and omissions insurance.

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