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Asbestos Management in Canada

Asbestos Management in Canada
Assessing the need for a National Standard

Although the federal government implemented an asbestos ban in 2018, the mineral that can cause serious diseases is still present in workplaces and the built environment. CAREX Canada estimates that approximately 152,000 Canadians are exposed to asbestos in their workplaces each year. A significant amount of this ‘legacy’ asbestos is inadequately documented and poses a major risk to people living and working in buildings where it was used as a building material.

CSA Group’s new research looks at the scientific literature, regulations, guidelines, and standards for managing and controlling exposure to asbestos in the workplace. The study proposes a National Standard approach that could help foster consistency in asbestos management among jurisdictions, harmonize regulations and practices across the country, establish training and minimal competency levels, and support efforts to enforce compliance.

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